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Job Announcements

This page includes jobs, internships and other opportunities of interest to WSAMA members.

Legal Intern Criminal Division - Posted 03/29/2018
See job announcement: Job Posting

General Attorney, US Department of Health and Human Services - Posted 03/07/2018
See job announcement: Job Posting

Deputy Hearing Examiner, City of Seattle - Posted 02/16/2018
See job announcement: Job Posting

Employment Offered Posting Policy

All postings will be dated and removed after 60 days. Postings are not a priority item for our web person. Please allow a minimum of two business days for posting. Postings for single positions by public agencies or their recruitment firms must be in Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat format. Contact Aimy Enriquez at MRSC if you would like to post a job announcement on this page.