Amicus Committee

Amicus Committee

The amicus curiae committee reviews request for amicus curiae assistance from WSAMA and approves participation in selected cases. The amicus curiae policy provides the criteria the committee uses to determine whether to accept a case for amicus assistance and the procedure the committee follows once assistance is granted.

To make a request for WSAMA amicus assistance, submit a completed amicus brief request form.

The following WSAMA members make up the current amicus committee:

Chair: Charlotte Archer, Inslee Best


  • Adam Rosenburg, Williams Kastner
  • Andrea Bradford, Foster Garvey
  • Bob Sterbank, Foster Garvey
  • Dan Lloyd, City of Vancouver
  • Darcey Eilers, City of Kirkland
  • Drew Pollom, Odgen Murphy Wallace
  • Duncan Greene, Van Ness Feldman
  • Erik Lamb, Spokane Valley
  • Jon Collins, Smith Goodfriend, P.S.
  • Megan Clark, Etter McMahon Lamberson Van Wert & Oreskovich P.C.
  • Roger Wynne, City of Seattle

Are you a WSAMA member and interested in joining the amicus curiae committee? Please contact committee chair, Charlotte Archer.