Awards Overview

WSAMA recognizes the contributions of its members with the following awards:

  1. Honorary Life Award, awarded to those attorneys who have served as a city attorney or prosecutor or assistant or deputy city attorney or prosecutor in the State of Washington for 25 years or more. See a list of our Honorary Life Award recipients.
  2. Outstanding Service Award, which honors municipal lawyers for their outstanding contributions to WSAMA and/or for outstanding service to a municipality. See a list of our Outstanding Service Award recipients.
  3. Ernest H. Campbell Award for Excellence in the Practice of Municipal Law, which is WSAMA’s lifetime achievement award, meant to recognize a significant contribution in the field of municipal law over a long period of time. See a list of our Ernest H. Campbell Award recipients.

To nominate someone for one of the above awards, please complete the nomination form.

Each year, the awards committee considers nominees and makes recommendations to the board of directors. The board of directors selects award recipients from the committee recommendations.